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My Review On Metabolic Prime By Dr. Jade Teta

Optimizing your metabolism to burn fat faster is a great accomplishment, and Dr. Jade Teta, aims to help you do that with his program, Metabolic Prime.

Metabolic Prime isn’t just about losing weight efficiently. It’s also about sculpting muscle, improving health, fighting aging, and more.  The 12-week plan shows that if you perform certain exercises that reawakens the “youth genes”, you will re-experience the metabolism of your youth. According to Dr. Teta “that is your secret weapon in the war on body fat, low energy, and aging. It takes you back to your metabolic prime”.

The program works with a new hyper-efficient form of motion that is required to create the special metabolic effect. The moves are called Metabolic Micro-bursts or micro-bursts for short.

Dr Jade Teta
     Dr Jade Teta

My Personal Thoughts On Metabolic Prime

There are a lot of Metabolic Prime reviews online that are well written and helpful, but there are also many reviews on this product that are horrible. To me personally, this program is a good resource that you should consider using if you are aiming to lose body fat and get in shape.

You see, there are numerous ways to go after losing body fat and getting in shape. You can use the generic approach of simply aiming to create a caloric deficit with any type of exercise. Or you can use advance workouts that help boost metabolism so that you can burn calories faster.

Metabolic Prime is not the only weight loss program available that works by optimizing the metabolism. But this program stands apart in a big way. This is probably the only systems on the market that use this micro-bursts moves in a manner designed to make it possible for your workouts to last just 45 seconds per session and require less than 1 hour per week. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you are interested in using this approach.

What’s Included In The Program

Metabolic Prime

This program has 2 delivery options. Buyers can get a physical copy or a digital plus physical copy. The digital to me is a great option because you can get it instantly. It comes with PDFs available with various pages of content to show you. The program additionally comes with video lessons for visual guidance to ensure that you entirely grasp the advice and how to handle it.

Included in the program as well is detailed video of the exercise instructions, so that you can replicate the specific steps for performing the exercises and taking your success to another level.

The Pros

Metabolic Prime has a lot of benefits that users would find very useful if they are serious about their fitness success. I’ll just list some of the most outstanding benefits.

  • Takes a holistic and sensible approach. It doesn’t just make it easier to lose weight, but also sculpt your body, reverse aging and revitalize your health.
  • Gives you all the benefits of a teenager’s metabolism without having to be active for hours a day.
  • You’ll lose fat without losing muscle. Engages your body’s fatty acid metabolism so it’s forced to rely on your stored body fat for fuel.

The Cons

  • My main and probably only issue I have with the program is Dr. Jade Teta’s overhyped sales pitch for the product. I think the sales page was trying to pitch the idea that Metabolic Prime is the only program that works good for optimizing metabolism and helping anyone gain fat loss success. To me, this is misleading because their are lots of fat loss programs that work well for metabolic optimization and successful fat loss.

The Final Word

The bottom line is I recommend Metabolic Prime if you are trying to lose fat and want a program that would help you effectively burn calories. This program can work for anyone, but it is especially beneficial for people who naturally have a slow metabolism or a less efficient metabolism than you had at an earlier time in your life.