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Renewal of Metabolism With Doctor Certified Program

In 2007, a research shared in the American Journal of Physiology, Endocrinology and Metabolism by Dr. Bente Stallnecht affirmed that spot reduction does indeed take place. In the study, powerful localized exercise in a single leg burned up much more excess fat versus the other leg.

So, this study resolved the query for good. Certainly, spot reduction does take place. But one problem: it happens on such a small degree as to be pointless.

Metabolic Renewal is a digital body transformation program for women produced by Dr. Jade Teta aimed at women who would like to burn fat and tone their body with a special focus on restoring the metabolism.

metabolic renewal program

The program emphasis is using the right diet and exercise techniques to help maximize fat loss results. And it teaches you that their are wrong diet and exercise approaches that may stop you from getting good results because they are very damaging to the female metabolism.

The metabolic renewal system will let you see a step-by-step 12-week fitness and nutrition plan that you you would follow, and have the information you need to execute the methods and start experiencing these results.

The creator, Dr. Jade Teta, stumbled upon and improved the technique from his personal encounter as somebody who experienced working with many women with the identical trouble and worked for a long time to discover a method that actually works.

Dr Jade Teta

In some way, fitness information for women has a lot of coaching, but definitely not all are helpful. After I considered the info within this program, I feel you’ll find value in there if you are a woman looking to improve your body.

If you are searching fitness solution to finally start getting the results you deserve, and this system appeals to you, it is possible to safely buy it and give it a try. You might akin to a great deal of the tips, or you can find nuggets of knowledge inside the guide that may be helpful to your time and energy in becoming successful at finally getting the results you want.

If this doesn’t do the job or perhaps you are not satisfied with with it at all you can return it without having any questions asked in 60 days of purchase.

Info source: Click here to read the official metabolic renewal review on


4 Bar Brothers Workouts For Beginners

Bar Brothers Workout

It’s difficult to talk about calisthenics training without Bar Brothers workouts coming into the conversation. Their highly motivational YouTube workout videos of constantly varying bodyweight movements have swept the internet, and attracted people from all over the world to become part of the world wide movement. The great thing about calisthenics exercises is that they can work for anybody. Beginners to advanced athletes can find a workout program to fit their needs. All Bar Brothers workouts can be customized to each individual’s fitness ability.

From fat burning routines to muscle building bodyweight workouts, beginners can get started with exercises that are easy. But in order for calisthenics to produce body-changing results it should be challenging and constantly evolving. And the bar brothers workouts below will do just that — without putting you on your back. But before we get into some of these workouts, let’s get familiar with certain things to know about calisthenics training.

Things to Know About Calisthenics:

Workout anywhere – One of the best advantages of adopting a bodyweight training routine is that it can can be done anywhere. If you need to travel, or be away from your usual workout base for an extended period of time, it’s very easy find a place to do pushups, pull-ups, dips, squats and raises.

1. Reduced likelihood of injury – The occurrence of injury in conventional weight training is all too frequent, and employing bodyweight exercises can dramatically lessen the chance of getting injured from severe muscle tear or other training accidents. Getting injured from your workouts is not cool because it can put you down for extended periods of time.

2. Warm up and balance – You should approach this type of training as you would any other, making sure to fully warm up, stretch and perform a routine that is balanced and includes all your major muscle groups.

3. Great for beginners – The training would be a great place to start for persons who are newly starting strength training, and is looking to build some muscle without resorting to the weight training room. Whether it’s a confidence issue they are dealing with, or they simply aren’t physically ready for the challenges of weight training, bodyweight workouts work very well for beginners.

4. Great For Returnees – These types of workouts are also good for persons returning to training from an injury, or an extended time off. It’s not always a great idea to dive back in where you left off, you want to return to something less tasking than weight training as a way of avoiding getting injured all over again.

5. Burn fat and get lean – By adding a form of cardio exercise like running, sprinting, or biking to complement the workout, you can burn more calories and get your body lean with calisthenics.

6. Mix with weight training for bigger impact – If you supplement calisthenics with some form of weight training like dumbbells movements you can maximize impact in the way of strength and muscle gains.

7. Great health benefits – Calisthenics exercise is powerful for improving heart and lung circulation.

The following beginner-friendly yet challenging Bar Brothers workouts will get your feet wet, and might just inspire you to commit to the full program – Bar Brothers System.

Bar Brothers Workouts #1: Chest/Triceps/Shoulder

Bar Brothers Workout Chart 1

4-8 sets of this routine

While weight lifting is great, bodyweight training can help you sculpt a strong, muscular upper body. This Bar Brothers upper body moves allow you to perform strength-training without actual weights.

Don’t believe that the 15 reps is set in stone, you can start out with any number of reps you want. If you are a beginner your body isn’t used to the endurance needed for high rep push ups.Therefore, you may find yourself completely unable to rise from the ground to do anther push-up after 5 reps. By starting with a small number you’re diminishing returns. You’ll quickly learn exactly what your body is able to do and how soon to increase to higher reps.

Bar Brothers Workouts #2: Abs/Core

Bar Brothers Workout Chart 2

4-8 total sets of this routine

Every man and woman want toned abs or six pack abs. Whatever you want to call it, your core is the centerpiece for any type of nice abs you want to go with your lean muscular body.

The core is made up of primarily fast-twitch muscle fibers. this type of muscle fibers are more dense than the other type of muscle fibers – slow-twitch. Core training should be in the moderate rep range for best results. No need for endless reps of crunches and sit-ups like traditionally done. Focus on sets in the 8-15 rep range you’ll see good definition.

Bar Brothers Workouts #3: Legs

Bar Brothers Workout Chart 3

4-8 total sets of this routine

Your leg muscles are the largest muscles in your body, therefore you’ll need to work them hard to see development. But you don’t always need a heavy free weights like barbells and dumbbells to give your legs the hard work they need to grow. These Bar Brothers leg workout can help you get the job of effectively hitting legs done.

Using a series of explosive squats, lunges, and calf raises, you’ll hit all of the major muscles in your legs that include hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Also for extra burn, after you are done with your sets to build more leg muscle run sprints, hills, and stairs)

Bar Brothers Workouts #4: Chest

Bar Brothers Workout Chart 4

Do 4-8 sets depending on your level

Tye upper body workout above would work your chest along with the other major upper body muscles. However, it would pay to have bodyweight workout that specifically targets chest.

Final Notes

One of the best things about Bar Brothers workouts and calisthenics in general is that every workout that comes up can be modified suit each individual’s training level and needs. Repetitions, rest time and schedule can all be altered for beginners, intermediate and advanced persons. But always keep in mind that bodyweight training is about starting with what you can do and working your way up .

Results from calisthenics all depend on the person. And as the Bar Brothers will say “never give up” So don’t be discouraged if your first few workouts did not go well. Instead, focus on getting better each and every time you train.

Are you ready to commit to a full bodyweight training program? Try the official Bar Brothers System, the 12-week workout program led by the original bar brothers Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic.

Can Calisthenics Exercises Lose Weight Effectively?

calisthenics exercise

We all know what the benefits of exercise are – helps us maintain our weight, stay healthy and prevent diseases. One way to keep fit is through calisthenics exercises, they are based on certain coordinated muscle movement using your own body weight as resistance. These exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, for example the pull up works bicep, back and chest. This allows one to not only build muscle and strength with calisthenics training, but also burn fat and lose weight.

Another objective of calisthenics exercises is improving the body’s athletic performance. It is widely used for training various athletic competitors and practiced in preparation for sports. Working multiple muscles in one movement is one of the best forms of exercise for sports and physical fitness.

To do calisthenics, what we have to do is pick an area of the body that we want to work. In this case for example the region called trapezoid, this area includes shoulders, a portion of the chest and arms. Then you can pick an exercise like the pull up that can work all these muscles at once. The pull up is done by using a pull up bar with your both arms at a wide distance from each other, and then pulling your body up. You can do several sessions of this exercise and include it as routine.

Then you can do variations of the same movement such as a retraction of the shoulder blades, then we raise them. In this way we work the muscles of the shoulders, back and arms and burn fat.

How To Get A Lean Muscular Body

lean muscular body

A lean muscular body is firm, with defined muscles and a low percentage of fat. It can be difficult to obtain this type of body when you live in today’s culture, with lots of unhealthy food options, long working hours and abundant transport. Intentional choices must be made to be persistent with intense exercise and healthy food in one’s daily routine. But although it may be difficult to develop a lean, muscular body it is very possible.

Firstly, implement a diet, with the help of a nutritionist or personal trainer if needed, which should be high in protein and low in fat. Eat fish, chicken, eggs and other healthy foods that are high in protein. Do not eliminate all fats from your diet. The body needs healthy fats in foods like avocados, walnuts, sunflower seeds and olive oil to build healthy nails and hair and regulate hormones. Cut unhealthy, saturated fats found in fried foods, junk foods and desserts. Increase your intake of complex carbohydrates such as bran, wheat germ, barley, brown rice, beans and lentils that will provide the energy needed to complete intense exercises and get faster.

Consider adding FDA-approved supplements to help build muscle mass. Understand that these supplements must be combined with weight lifting exercises to be effective. Look for a supplement that is a protein powder that contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins to help your muscles recover quickly after an intense workout.

Develop a total body workout routine that exercises all the major muscle groups. Work with a coach to create a routine that builds strength in the core muscles like abdominals, obliques, back muscles, triceps, biceps, shoulders, hamstrings and calves. To avoid injury, when learning a new exercise starts with a light weight. Mix three or four one-hour weightlifting sessions with three aerobic workouts – running, stair-climbing, cycling – every week.

I recommend visiting to get a lot more information about losing fat and building muscle to get in top lean muscular shape.

5 Best Ways To Curb Hunger During Weight Loss Dieting

You must admit, hunger is the ultimate diet killer. The main reason why people cheat on their diets and eventually quit is because they cannot stand feeling hungry. Hunger is the one weakness we all suffer from, so here’s 5 best ways to curb hunger when you are on a weight loss diet. These methods would help keep you filling full and hunger free.Curb Hunger

1) Eat Healthy Fulfilling Foods

Eat lots of filling, low calorie vegetables during your main meals, like cauliflower, broccoli, salad, pretty much most vegetables. These will keep you full and help suppress appetite till your next meal.

2) Eat More Whole Grains

Besides being a good appetite suppressant, whole grain foods reduce health risks such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, heart disease and type 2 diabetes (to name a few). So do your research. Find alternative whole grain variations of the foods you regularly buy.

3) Get Enough Protein

Studies have shown that protein keeps you full longer, even more than carbs. So, work on serving protein 2 – 3 times a day to really keep you satisfied between meals.

4) Do Not Skip Breakfast

This is so important for a healthy diet. Skipping breakfast will leave you starving, a little cranky and open to every kind of temptation by mid-morning.

To avoid snack attacks, eat a breakfast packed with complex carbs and maybe low fat protein, and I promise you, you’ll be happier, healthier and hunger wont even enter your mind 🙂

5) Plan Ahead and Be Prepared

Every morning or the evening before, get in the habit of writing a meal plan for the day ahead. This way your always one step ahead of the game. Plan to eat nutritious, low calorie snacks between each meal if your still a little peckish.

Also, its always a good idea to carry light snacks around with you. This way, your much less likely to stray off your diet when hunger creeps up on you.

So, I guess the bottom line is, dieting or healthy eating doesn’t have to mean being hungry. By being an intelligent eater, choosing the right foods and planning each meal and snack in advance, there’s no reason why you can’t achieve a healthy weight and stay that way.

Are you eating the right amount of calories to lose weight? Go here to learn the 4 simple methods for estimating the amount of calories you need to eat for weight loss. 

Watch this video for additional ways to curb appetite and hunger


My Review On Metabolic Prime By Dr. Jade Teta

Optimizing your metabolism to burn fat faster is a great accomplishment, and Dr. Jade Teta, aims to help you do that with his program, Metabolic Prime.

Metabolic Prime isn’t just about losing weight efficiently. It’s also about sculpting muscle, improving health, fighting aging, and more.  The 12-week plan shows that if you perform certain exercises that reawakens the “youth genes”, you will re-experience the metabolism of your youth. According to Dr. Teta “that is your secret weapon in the war on body fat, low energy, and aging. It takes you back to your metabolic prime”.

The program works with a new hyper-efficient form of motion that is required to create the special metabolic effect. The moves are called Metabolic Micro-bursts or micro-bursts for short.

Dr Jade Teta
     Dr Jade Teta

My Personal Thoughts On Metabolic Prime

There are a lot of Metabolic Prime reviews online that are well written and helpful, but there are also many reviews on this product that are horrible. To me personally, this program is a good resource that you should consider using if you are aiming to lose body fat and get in shape.

You see, there are numerous ways to go after losing body fat and getting in shape. You can use the generic approach of simply aiming to create a caloric deficit with any type of exercise. Or you can use advance workouts that help boost metabolism so that you can burn calories faster.

Metabolic Prime is not the only weight loss program available that works by optimizing the metabolism. But this program stands apart in a big way. This is probably the only systems on the market that use this micro-bursts moves in a manner designed to make it possible for your workouts to last just 45 seconds per session and require less than 1 hour per week. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you are interested in using this approach.

What’s Included In The Program

Metabolic Prime

This program has 2 delivery options. Buyers can get a physical copy or a digital plus physical copy. The digital to me is a great option because you can get it instantly. It comes with PDFs available with various pages of content to show you. The program additionally comes with video lessons for visual guidance to ensure that you entirely grasp the advice and how to handle it.

Included in the program as well is detailed video of the exercise instructions, so that you can replicate the specific steps for performing the exercises and taking your success to another level.

The Pros

Metabolic Prime has a lot of benefits that users would find very useful if they are serious about their fitness success. I’ll just list some of the most outstanding benefits.

  • Takes a holistic and sensible approach. It doesn’t just make it easier to lose weight, but also sculpt your body, reverse aging and revitalize your health.
  • Gives you all the benefits of a teenager’s metabolism without having to be active for hours a day.
  • You’ll lose fat without losing muscle. Engages your body’s fatty acid metabolism so it’s forced to rely on your stored body fat for fuel.

The Cons

  • My main and probably only issue I have with the program is Dr. Jade Teta’s overhyped sales pitch for the product. I think the sales page was trying to pitch the idea that Metabolic Prime is the only program that works good for optimizing metabolism and helping anyone gain fat loss success. To me, this is misleading because their are lots of fat loss programs that work well for metabolic optimization and successful fat loss.

The Final Word

The bottom line is I recommend Metabolic Prime if you are trying to lose fat and want a program that would help you effectively burn calories. This program can work for anyone, but it is especially beneficial for people who naturally have a slow metabolism or a less efficient metabolism than you had at an earlier time in your life.


5 Little Useful Tips To Get Lean

In addition to the main fat loss laws, there are little tips that can help you reach your goal weight in no time.

1. Make exercise a daily task.

2. Drink hot water and tea: Satisfy your thirst by drinking. Often what we believe is hungry, it’s really just dehydration. Drink water between meals to enhance your metabolism.

3. Use small plates: Studies have shown that you automatically eat less if you use smaller plates. Strange, but it works.

4. Sleep well and sufficiently: A lack of sleep is associated with weight gain and obesity. Always try to sleep well.

5. Reduce stress: Being stressed can increase your levels of cortisol, which can cause accumulation of fat on the abdomen.

Is Counting calories is important to losing weight?

If you control the intake of particularly good fats and carbohydrates consumption, and vegetable proteins, there is no need to count calories.

The most important objective is to obtain 20-50 grams per day of calories from carbohydrates and the rest from proteins and fats.

If you’re ready to revolutionize your life with the the best diet plan to get, click here to learn how to eat healthy and achieve your health goals YOUR … with Francesca guide!

Staying Lean While Camping


Camping is a hobby of mine. I occasionally head out for a 2-night, 3-day camping trip. My last time hiking I headed for the Mountains. On one side of the mountains, you have rain and tons of green. The East side of the mountains is a desert. Within 3-4 hours I can drive to a climate that is about 15 degrees warmer. So I’ll be in 80-85 degree weather which is perfect for camping.

Just wanted to get a tip out there on staying lean when camping. It might even be considered repetitive.

Here’s how I recommend you prep:

1. Intense intervals 3-4 days leading up to camping…after your resistance training.
2. Low carb paleo type of eating 3-4 days leading up to camping.
3. Drink a larger amount of water than normal the day before you leave to flush out excess sodium which causes water retention.

Then honestly, just enjoy your trip without thinking about diet.

If your carb depletes properly, you will look better than normal the second and third day of your camping trip…as all those carbs from camping food fill up the glycogen stores.

The most refreshing beer in my opinion for camping in a hot campground is Corona Lite in cans.

Cans honestly make all the difference. Corona can get skunky in bottles. It tastes like an entirely different beer when it comes out of a can. You don’t even need lime.