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Metabolic Renewal Review

Metabolic Workout by Woman


If you are looking for Metabolic Renewal Reviews, then this is one you should read. This new program by Dr. Jade Teta is designed to help women optimize their metabolism and get good fitness results. I personally know that the creator Jade Teta is a respected weight loss expert. Knowing his capabilities and the positive user reports for his other weight loss programs, Metabolic Renewal will be a great resource for women who want to get into their best shape. You can get the program by clicking here to visit the official website. However, if you want more info to make a firm decision, read the full review below to get more details about the program.


What Is The Metabolic Renewal Program?


It is a new program from health and fitness expert Dr. Jade Teta in collaboration with online health company Natural Health Sherpa. The program is 100% for women and it works by restoring your metabolism and turning your natural female hormonal rhythms into a fat-burning, body-sculpting advantage. It is a 12-week fitness and nutrition program that you will learn how to customize to your individual conditions and the way their body responses. According to Dr. Teta, what he is attempting to do with Metabolic Renewal is instruct women to read their own unique biofeedback signals and become a metabolic detective instead of a dieter.


Dr. Teta is known for his short metabolic workouts that boost metabolism which is a key feature of the program. “Each 15-minute workout contains a specific sequence of 45-second, hyper-efficient intelligent exercises that combine cardio, resistance and fitness training. This empowers your metabolism to deliver you the most results in the least time, particularly if you’re short on time and have struggled to get results in the past”. Please click here to get full details on the program.


About Dr. Jade Teta

Dr Jade Teta

Dr. Jade Teta is an integrative physician specializing in natural health, fitness and body transformation. He completed his undergraduate training at North Carolina State University, earning a bachelors of science in biochemistry. He also later completed his doctorate in naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington.


Dr. Teta has worked in the fitness and weight loss fields for over 20 years, and is the co-developer of the rest-based training system for personal training and group exercise. He is also the co-founder of the Naturopathic Health Clinic of North Carolina and of the health, fitness and international fat loss company, Metabolic Effect. His background in natural medicine, along with his fitness expertise, has defined his healthcare specialties of hormonal weight loss and functional medicine approaches to chronic disease. Source:


Is Metabolic Renewal Right For You?


You have already read earlier in the review that the program is 100% female targeted. But which women would benefit most from this program? I highly recommend this program to all women who want to get good fitness and fat loss results no matter your age, experience or circumstances. But it will be especially beneficial for women who are struggling to get results. Usually women who struggle to lose weight and get their desired body are dealing with underlying issues unique to the female body that they may not realize.


Since Metabolic Renewal is designed for and focused on the female body, I believe this program would be the solution you need to take your fat loss results to the next level.


I believe you will find this program’s approach very useful as Dr. Teta addresses common mistakes made with the female metabolism. Most programs on the market are a one-size-fits-all approach and that can be very damaging to the female metabolism.


I am aware of Jade Teta’s work in the fitness field, and I must admit he is a true professional who understands some deep and scientific stuff about the metabolism and weight loss for women. Click here to get the program from the official website.


What’s Inside The Program


Metabolic Renewal is 12-week fitness and nutrition program that teaches you everything you need to know to follow the program to get results. Inside you’ll get a workout plan, an eating plan and exclusive guidance from Dr. Jade Teta to achieve your fat loss and body transformation goals. The program is presented in written and video content.


Inside the program you will learn interesting things from Dr. Teta like the “4 M Pyramid”. This is the core concept of the program and it is a good structure for monitoring something called SHMEC.


You’ll learn about the 7 main hormonal signatures that most women fall into (normal estrogen and progesterone, estrogen dominance, progesterone deficient, low estrogen and low progesterone, peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause.) And how to balance the 4 M’s to work through these 7 hormonal signatures.


The Pros

  • It is great this a 100% female targeted fitness program. One-size-fits-all programs are not the best approach for women who are serious about getting in shape. It is much better to use a program that is designed for the female body and metabolism.
  • The program is fully loaded with all of the important things that should makeup a fitness program: Nutrition, cardio, resistance and fitness training.
  • It is specially designed to optimize your metabolism. This is very important to deliver you the most results in the most efficient manner.
  • Dr. Jade Teta is a highly respected professional in the health and fitness field. You are definitely in good hands if you take advice from him.


The Cons

  • Not a lot of customer reviews online for the program in order for one to make an accurate assessment of the results that can be expected.


The Bottom Line


“Metabolic Renewal” is a unique program that is going to be a great solution for women weight loss. It is highly recommended to all women who want to get the body they desire. You’ll be learning from a top expert in the industry.


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