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First Strike Review – Todd Lamb Combatives System

First Strike is a self defense system by Todd Lamb that promises to help us combat an attack. This review will provide the key information about this combative system to help you learn if it’s right for you.

What Is It?

Being a professional in this area, Todd Lamb created this self -defense program that is geared towards individuals who would like to protect themselves and family from violent encounters. The First Strike Combative System is based on using the best techniques that actually works for self defense. And it teaches you the bad methods that may prevent effective combat of those who intend to harm you.

The program teaches you a step-by-step plan that you would follow, and have the confidence you need to execute the guidelines and start preparing yourself to combat any physical attack. The program is based on 17 viciously effective special forces combative For terrible effectiveness in any violent encounter. Each move is taught in 3 minutes or less.

First Strike comes with the best of Todd Lamb’s understanding combat and self-defense from his several years of experience working as a swat team leader.

What You Get Inside The System

As you would find out over on the official First Strike website, Todd Lamb provides an assortment of eBooks and training videos to give you the program information and direction.

Together with the key system guide, you will obtain access to a video series that handles all that you should have to be ready to go. You’ll be shown what to do at every step.

First Strike Visuals

The reason why the program stand out is how the info is structured so it will be very easy for the individual to learn. The well organized content material that comes inside the training tends to make outstanding, and also following the directions folks are quite likely going to find success. The instructions discussed in the manual is correctly created, and you’ll find the exact campaign and actions this writer needed to have the following success because of this process.

The Bottom Line

To obtain a self defense course that provides guidance and knowledge to defend yourself and is enriched with a brand new special type of method that is designed to help optimize effectiveness, the First Strike combative system by Todd Lamb is a good choice if you happen to be interested.