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Staying Lean While Camping


Camping is a hobby of mine. I occasionally head out for a 2-night, 3-day camping trip. My last time hiking I headed for the Mountains. On one side of the mountains, you have rain and tons of green. The East side of the mountains is a desert. Within 3-4 hours I can drive to a climate that is about 15 degrees warmer. So I’ll be in 80-85 degree weather which is perfect for camping.

Just wanted to get a tip out there on staying lean when camping. It might even be considered repetitive.

Here’s how I recommend you prep:

1. Intense intervals 3-4 days leading up to camping…after your resistance training.
2. Low carb paleo type of eating 3-4 days leading up to camping.
3. Drink a larger amount of water than normal the day before you leave to flush out excess sodium which causes water retention.

Then honestly, just enjoy your trip without thinking about diet.

If your carb depletes properly, you will look better than normal the second and third day of your camping trip…as all those carbs from camping food fill up the glycogen stores.

The most refreshing beer in my opinion for camping in a hot campground is Corona Lite in cans.

Cans honestly make all the difference. Corona can get skunky in bottles. It tastes like an entirely different beer when it comes out of a can. You don’t even need lime.