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Can Calisthenics Exercises Lose Weight Effectively?

calisthenics exercise

We all know what the benefits of exercise are – helps us maintain our weight, stay healthy and prevent diseases. One way to keep fit is through calisthenics exercises, they are based on certain coordinated muscle movement using your own body weight as resistance. These exercises work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, for example the pull up works bicep, back and chest. This allows one to not only build muscle and strength with calisthenics training, but also burn fat and lose weight.

Another objective of calisthenics exercises is improving the body’s athletic performance. It is widely used for training various athletic competitors and practiced in preparation for┬ásports. Working multiple muscles in one movement is one of the best forms of exercise for sports and physical fitness.

To do calisthenics, what we have to do is pick an area of the body that we want to work. In this case for example the region called trapezoid, this area includes shoulders, a portion of the chest and arms. Then you can pick an exercise like the pull up that can work all these muscles at once. The pull up is done by using a pull up bar with your both arms at a wide distance from each other, and then pulling your body up. You can do several sessions of this exercise and include it as routine.

Then you can do variations of the same movement such as a retraction of the shoulder blades, then we raise them. In this way we work the muscles of the shoulders, back and arms and burn fat.