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4 Bar Brothers Workouts For Beginners

Bar Brothers Workout

It’s difficult to talk about calisthenics training without Bar Brothers workouts coming into the conversation. Their highly motivational YouTube workout videos of constantly varying bodyweight movements have swept the internet, and attracted people from all over the world to become part of the world wide movement. The great thing about calisthenics exercises is that they can work for anybody. Beginners to advanced athletes can find a workout program to fit their needs. All Bar Brothers workouts can be customized to each individual’s fitness ability.

From fat burning routines to muscle building bodyweight workouts, beginners can get started with exercises that are easy. But in order for calisthenics to produce body-changing results it should be challenging and constantly evolving. And the bar brothers workouts below will do just that — without putting you on your back. But before we get into some of these workouts, let’s get familiar with certain things to know about calisthenics training.

Things to Know About Calisthenics:

Workout anywhere – One of the best advantages of adopting a bodyweight training routine is that it can can be done anywhere. If you need to travel, or be away from your usual workout base for an extended period of time, it’s very easy find a place to do pushups, pull-ups, dips, squats and raises.

1. Reduced likelihood of injury – The occurrence of injury in conventional weight training is all too frequent, and employing bodyweight exercises can dramatically lessen the chance of getting injured from severe muscle tear or other training accidents. Getting injured from your workouts is not cool because it can put you down for extended periods of time.

2. Warm up and balance – You should approach this type of training as you would any other, making sure to fully warm up, stretch and perform a routine that is balanced and includes all your major muscle groups.

3. Great for beginners – The training would be a great place to start for persons who are newly starting strength training, and is looking to build some muscle without resorting to the weight training room. Whether it’s a confidence issue they are dealing with, or they simply aren’t physically ready for the challenges of weight training, bodyweight workouts work very well for beginners.

4. Great For Returnees – These types of workouts are also good for persons returning to training from an injury, or an extended time off. It’s not always a great idea to dive back in where you left off, you want to return to something less tasking than weight training as a way of avoiding getting injured all over again.

5. Burn fat and get lean – By adding a form of cardio exercise like running, sprinting, or biking to complement the workout, you can burn more calories and get your body lean with calisthenics.

6. Mix with weight training for bigger impact – If you supplement calisthenics with some form of weight training like dumbbells movements you can maximize impact in the way of strength and muscle gains.

7. Great health benefits – Calisthenics exercise is powerful for improving heart and lung circulation.

The following beginner-friendly yet challenging Bar Brothers workouts will get your feet wet, and might just inspire you to commit to the full program – Bar Brothers System.

Bar Brothers Workouts #1: Chest/Triceps/Shoulder

Bar Brothers Workout Chart 1

4-8 sets of this routine

While weight lifting is great, bodyweight training can help you sculpt a strong, muscular upper body. This Bar Brothers upper body moves allow you to perform strength-training without actual weights.

Don’t believe that the 15 reps is set in stone, you can start out with any number of reps you want. If you are a beginner your body isn’t used to the endurance needed for high rep push ups.Therefore, you may find yourself completely unable to rise from the ground to do anther push-up after 5 reps. By starting with a small number you’re diminishing returns. You’ll quickly learn exactly what your body is able to do and how soon to increase to higher reps.

Bar Brothers Workouts #2: Abs/Core

Bar Brothers Workout Chart 2

4-8 total sets of this routine

Every man and woman want toned abs or six pack abs. Whatever you want to call it, your core is the centerpiece for any type of nice abs you want to go with your lean muscular body.

The core is made up of primarily fast-twitch muscle fibers. this type of muscle fibers are more dense than the other type of muscle fibers – slow-twitch. Core training should be in the moderate rep range for best results. No need for endless reps of crunches and sit-ups like traditionally done. Focus on sets in the 8-15 rep range you’ll see good definition.

Bar Brothers Workouts #3: Legs

Bar Brothers Workout Chart 3

4-8 total sets of this routine

Your leg muscles are the largest muscles in your body, therefore you’ll need to work them hard to see development. But you don’t always need a heavy free weights like barbells and dumbbells to give your legs the hard work they need to grow. These Bar Brothers leg workout can help you get the job of effectively hitting legs done.

Using a series of explosive squats, lunges, and calf raises, you’ll hit all of the major muscles in your legs that include hamstrings, glutes, and quads. Also for extra burn, after you are done with your sets to build more leg muscle run sprints, hills, and stairs)

Bar Brothers Workouts #4: Chest

Bar Brothers Workout Chart 4

Do 4-8 sets depending on your level

Tye upper body workout above would work your chest along with the other major upper body muscles. However, it would pay to have bodyweight workout that specifically targets chest.

Final Notes

One of the best things about Bar Brothers workouts and calisthenics in general is that every workout that comes up can be modified suit each individual’s training level and needs. Repetitions, rest time and schedule can all be altered for beginners, intermediate and advanced persons. But always keep in mind that bodyweight training is about starting with what you can do and working your way up .

Results from calisthenics all depend on the person. And as the Bar Brothers will say “never give up” So don’t be discouraged if your first few workouts did not go well. Instead, focus on getting better each and every time you train.

Are you ready to commit to a full bodyweight training program? Try the official Bar Brothers System, the 12-week workout program led by the original bar brothers Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic.